Luna Queen ALpha

natural wellness products made by badass women

Committed to providing the most natural wellness products out there

Luna has studied many herbal and wellness courses along the years. She loves being outdoors and taking care of her plants.

Luna Queen Alpha is a Latina owned and operated wellness company.

Empowering Women

Empowering others

We encourage female empowerment and females to help other females build together.

Be the woman you needed when you needed her!

We've helped many women achieve their dreams and goals along the years!

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Medicinal herbs. Herbal apothecary. Lavender, dandelion, nettle

Experience natural wellness products

Here at Luna Wolf,

We believe in the purest organic ingredients grown on our farm in Connecticut.

We start every plant from seed, to full growth to harvest and infuse to its maximum potential

to bring you the best of the best holistic wellness products.

We take pride in creating high quality, plant-based skincare that you can trust.

We also have a focus in pet care for both cats and dogs. During the summer time with all the loud noises most pets experience anxiety and stress. We created a special tincture made for pets!

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Some of our wellness products that are offered at the Luna Wolf!

Topical Pain relief

Rest & Relaxation oil

Hemp Bath Salts

Headache Roll on

Healing Salve

MCT oil with CBD

Cannobliss Seltzer

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Pet CBD Oil

CBD Gummies

White Widow Prerollies

Essential oil Kits

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Luna Queen Alpha